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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alberstons Sun-Tues Sale

Albertsons Sunday 4/5-Tuesday 4/7 Sale!!

Glaceau Vitamin Water: 10/$10
-$1.00/1Q 4/5 SS

Post Cereal: $.157 (wyb 2 in 1 transaction)
~Honey Bunches of Oats
~Shredded Wheat
~Grape Nuts Flakes
~~selected varities
- $1.00/2 Q  3/1 SS (any Post cereals)
-$1.00/2 Q  3/29 SS (Shredded Wheat/Raisin Bran/Grape Nuts,Nuggets,Flakes)
FP: $2.14/2

Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/7-UP: 10/$10
-$1.00/3 Q (2 Liter Bottles) from Top Value AND Value PLUS circulars (check in your local mexican store ads this week for MFQ's)
FP: $2.00/3Q (2 Liters)

Bounty Paper Towels: 10/$10
-$.25/1 Q  4/5 P&G
FP: $.75 ea

Knorr/Lipton Side Dishes: 10/$10
-$1.00/3 Q 1/18 RP (knorr pasta/rice side dish)
FP: $2.00/3
It was brought to my attention that I missed something when listing this Side Dish deal.
WYB 10 Lipton side dishes in a single transaction you will get $5 off fresh or rotisserie chicken. The reader who notified me was able to get $5 off without buying any chicken. I suppose it depends on the store and the staff. Thanks HilmaRose for informing me of this missed deal!

Barilla Penne/Spaghetti: 10/$10
(the Q's from 3/29 won't work...)
FP: $1.00ea

Hunts Snack Pack Puddings: 10/$10
-$.50/2 Q (from..?..)
FP: $1.50/2