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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vons Easter Sale 4/5-4/12

Starting Sunday 4/5 Vons will be having a special Easter sale, separate from their 4/1-4/7 weekly sale. Look in the Sunday 4/5 LA Times for the Vons insert. That's where I found my ad. I'm only posting what I feel are the best sales. If I missed anything, please let me know! I'll be sure to include it!!

Buy $30 in iTunes gift cards in 1 transaction between 4/1/09 - 4/14/09 
Get $5 off your next grocery purchase! 

Farmer John Smoked Whole/Shank Half Ham: $.77/lb (while supplies last-so go EARLY!)
-Limit 2
Don't forget about the Unilever Mail in Rebate on ANY ham or turkey! Look for it in Unilever's coupon insert this Sunday!

Farmer John Bone-in/Rump Half Ham: $.97/lb (while supplies last)
-Limit 2

Rancher's Reserve Beef NY Steaks (bone-in): $3.47/lb
-Save up to $6.32/lb!!

Strawberries (4lb clamshell): $3.96ea (NO LIMIT!)
I usually buy my 4lb clamshells of Strawberries at Costco because they are typically the lowest price. Their price right now for 4lb clamshells are $7.99ea! So if you want strawberries, I suggest you go first thing tomorrow morning or as soon as you can! If they're out, ask the manager of the produce department if they'd be willing to do a rain check for you. No guarantees they will though. 

Best Foods Mayo: $2.00
- w/ ad Q+Vons card.
-Limit 1 coupon per trans.

Ritz Crackers: $1.99
-w/ ad Q+Vons card
-Limit 1 coupon per trans.

Starbucks Coffee (12oz): $5.99 
-w/ ad Q+Vons card
-Limit 1 coupon per trans.

Safeway Refreshe Water (24pk): $2.77
-w/ ad Q+Vons card
-Limit 1 coupon per trans.

Oscar Meyer Bacon/Jimmy Dean Breakfast Rolls and Fully Cooked: B1/G1 FREE
-selected sizes/varities.

Duncan Heines Brownie Mix: 10/$10
-$.35/1 Q in 2/1 SS (vons will DBL to $.70/1)
FP: $.30ea

C&H Sugar (5lb): $1.89
-$.35/1Q in 3/15 RP (vons will DBL to $.70/1)
FP: $1.19 ea
Pillsbury Rolled Pie Crusts: 2/$6 (in fridge sec)
-$.25/1Q in 4/5 SS (vons will DBL to $.50/1)
FP: $2.50ea

Snyder's Pretzels: 2/$5
-$1.00/1 Q in 2/22 SS
FP: $1.50ea

Gatorade Tiger: $.69
-Normally $1.25ea

Reynold's Wrap Foil (75 sqft): 2/$6
-$1.00/1Q in 3/15 SS + 2/8 SS
FP: $4.00/2

Gladware Containers: 2/$6
-$.50/1 Q in 4/5 RP (vons will DBL to $1.00/1)
FP: $2.00ea

Vanity Fair Napkins: $3.49
-$.50/1 Q in 3/29 RP (vons will DBL to $1.00/1)
FP: $2.49ea