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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

THIS is Why I Buy Low!!

Today I had the pleasure of introducing my Mom, and Sister-in-Law to Buy Low. I've gone on and on about how great their prices are on produce and meat for months, now they know why!

How much do you think this cost? Take your best guess.

Here's what I bought today at Buy Low:
-2 Gallons Milk: 2/$3.99
-Boneless Chix Leg Meat (xtra lg family pack): $3.40 ($0.99/lb)
-Boneless Chix Leg Meat (xtra lg family pack): $3.32 ($0.99/lb)
-Boneless Chix Leg Meat (xtra lg family pack): $3.20 ($0.99/lb)
-2 10lb Bags of Potatoes: $2.00 (only 1 pictured)
-Garlic (2 pckgs/5 heads ea): $0.38
-Radishes (2 bunches): $0.52
-Yams (3.28lbs): $1.41
-White Squash (5lbs): $1.67
-Vine Tomatoes (2.6lbs): $2.57 (this was an overcharge. looks like the wrong code was entered. the price was 3lbs/$1.00. I should've only paid about $1.00. I really need to pay more attention to my receipts/sales while I'm still IN the store!)
-Red Onions (3.17lbs): $0.63
-Gala Apples (4.67lbs): $1.56
-Mangos (3): $1.00
-Carrots (2.63lbs): $0.53
-2 bags Red Seedless Grapes: $3.55
-Red Bell Pepper (2lbs): $2.52
-Bananas (3.56lbs): $0.89
-Naval Oranges (4.18lbs): $0.52
-Romaine Lettuce (3 xlg heads): $1.00
-Cucumbers (5): $1.29
-Naval Oranges (4.91lbs): $0.61
-3 pairs of pants from a fellow Freecycler: FREE!
TOTAL: $37.56

Now you see why I LOVE BUY LOW so much!! Where else can you get 8 pounds worth of Naval Oranges for ONE DOLLAR? If you'd like to see their weekly deals for this week again, read this. Today was there one day only produce sale, and boy oh boy was it packed!! The parking lot was full to capacity, and there was very little room for movement inside, but it was worth it! I would've spent at least $70 in any other grocery store, even with their sales! I spoke to the cahier, and she said that today was an unusually busy day. Normally the crowd is nowhere near as big as it was today. Perhaps because Easter is only a few days away? 

I love that Buy Low allows me to make healthy meals for my family at a fraction of the cost.We are a family of 6 that eats only fresh fruits and vegetables. The produce I bought today is only about a weeks worth in this household. Save for the potatoes. Thanks to Buy Low's unbeatable prices I can afford to buy and eat as much fresh produce as I want, and still come in under our $300 a month grocery budget. (Yes $300 or below in So. Cal for a family of 6!) 

I've yet to find any store that rivals Buy Low's prices. Not even Winco!! If you live in or around the Long Beach area, and you would like to start saving money, while not compromising on healthy foods, I urge you to try Buy Low! 

It's located across the Forest Lawn Cemetery on Cherry between San Antonio/Del Amo. San Antonio dead ends into Cherry at the Buy Low, so you really can't miss it! There are only 4 Buy Low locations, 3 in Southern California, and 1 in Nevada... go here to see where they are.
If you'd like to download their weekly sales flyer click here.