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Sunday, April 12, 2009

How was YOUR Easter?

I would love to hear about everyone's Easter! Did you do anything special? Do you have special family traditions?
This Easter was an important Easter for me this year. (Perhaps because the last two Easter's I was at the very end of my pregnancies? I'm sure that played a small part, but only a small part.) THIS year was so special because in the last year my zeal for the Lord has grown in unimaginable ways!! This year I was particularly aware of the magnitude of the gift which Christ gave to me, FREELY, which was Himself! He DIED for ME! He died, the most brutal, painful, undignified death, to atone for what I alone could NEVER atone for, so that I, (ME!), a sinner, deserving nothing more than death, can spend ALL ETERNITY WITH HIM! My Saviour, my Lord, my King, my Jehovah Jireh..... Amazing! Humbling when you take a step back from yourself and think about it.

There was something else that made this Easter much more important than any other year. This year I was able to share in my girls' FIRST Easter as redeemed sinners, saved by Grace, through Faith!! In October and November of last year, both of my girls, independently, chose to take heed the calling of Christ, and BOTH accepted Christ as their Saviour!! I was blessed to not only be able to lead my daughter's to Christ, but to hold their precious little hand's while they received Him! Amazing!! My Easter was extra special this year......

We also had the joy of spending Easter with beloved friends and family in Ojai, California. Amazing!! Great food, great conversation, great friends and family, GREAT FUN!! What a blessing to spend Easter with other believers who love the Lord as much as we do!! Truly a great Easter!

That was our Easter this year, I'd LOVE to hear about YOURS!! Regardless of how it was spent!! =)