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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Little F.Y.I.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be around tomorrow to do my Sunday CVS/Walgreens post. Tomorrow is Easter, as everyone I'm sure is aware of. For our family Easter is one of the biggest holidays, and one of our favorites, and no, not because of the so called Easter Bunny! Tomorrow we get to celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ!! We get to celebrate with our loved ones the fact that our God lives! Being such a special occasion for us, we will be out of town until Monday morning. Since I won't be around tomorrow I will post links for the CVS and Walgreens deals. I'm hoping that come Tuesday I will be able to post the weekly Grocery deals, however there might be a hiccup with that. Monday my husband has to take my beloved Mac to the Apple Store for them to fix. I could be without it for a few days. Alas, I will find ways to keep you all updated on the best deals I can find!! (Even if that means hi-jacking my parents' computer!)
Hope your Easter is as blessed, and meaningful as ours! Stay safe!!