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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Lesson Learned: Check my receipts IMMEDIATELY before leaving the store!
Read the fine print always!!
Total: $204.31
I Paid: $57.90
Total Saved: $146.41
That's 72%!

It's hard to see in the picture just how much is truly there because it was hard to spread everything out over the table. Everything had to be stacked and crammed. Vons was running a mix and match sale the last two weeks, where you buy any 10 participating items and automatically get $5 taken off at the register. 
As I started writing this post I intended to post the GREAT deals I found! I started looking through my receipt and noticed I was overcharged on a few items. Initially it was only $1.00 that I noticed I was overcharged. Not a substantial enough amount to prompt me to call the Store Manager, and haul all four kids to the store with me to get a refund. 
As I was going line by line through my receipt I noticed many mistakes! This time totaling $9.50 in overcharges. So I called the store and talked to the person in customer service, and explained the situation. She put me on hold and told me the Manager would be with me shortly. 5 minutes later, the Mgr. still had not picked up the phone. She came back to me and said he was busy, and could I please just come in with my receipt? Sure. $9.50 could almost buy me a pack of diapers if they were on sale for $9.99.
So I start looking through my receipt a third time double checking that I found all the overcharges. I HADN'T! I grabbed the sale ad from last week (thankfully I hadn't thrown it out yet!) and I started comparing prices. I was overcharged on
A grand total of $25.75 in overcharges!!
That's enough to make me get upset, but thankfully I know that they will refund me the money they overcharged me. 
I called my hubby and told him what I had found. He was surprised, then he was pretty amazed, as was I, at the even BETTER deal I had scored!! 

Total: $204.31
I Paid: $57.90
(I SHOULD'VE PAID: $32.15!!)
Total Saved: $146.41
(TOTAL REALLY SAVED!?: $172.16!)

Wow! I really WAS NOT looking forward to editing this post! I'm feeling like quite the fool!
I was finally able to make it to back to Vons to "collect" my refund for the overcharged items. I walked up to the customer service desk, four kids in tow, and was politely explaining the situation to the poor guy behind the desk. I must've confused him, because he called the Mgr. over. I re-explained everything to the Mgr, (nicely!) and he scratched his head and started studying the receipt. He asked me a few questions about quantity of sale items purchased etc... Then something came over him and he started to chuckle. He then explained to me how in fact I was not overcharged, and that indeed I was charged the correct amount. So goes the explanation, 
(Mind you I'm typing this with head hung in shame. Or is that embarrassment? Both.)
'It's only at the END of the transaction that the Mix&Match Savings are taken off of the total. For example, you bought 10 Gatorades. The ad price was $.75 each When You Buy (WYB) 10. So you were charged normal price $1.25 for each Gatorade. At the END of the transaction $5 was taken off of the Grand Total amounting to a total of $.50 taken off of each Gatorade. Making the Final Price for the Gatorade $.75 each. Does that make sense?'
At this point in time the lightbulb went off in my head, and the realization that I just made a total fool of myself! 
(Not quite, I was perfectly polite and gracious with the workers at Vons, I was just confused, and misunderstood the sale.)
I still felt like a fool though! So I didn't actually spend $32 OOP for $204 worth of groceries. My original posting for OOP/Savings is indeed correct. (Still a good deal in my book!)

There you have it. My first retracted mistake!
(Isn't the mark of maturity being able to admit your mistakes? Right? Haha!)