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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

VONS Deals April 15-21

Here are this weeks VONS Deals. I only posted what I thought to be the best deals. If you find any  deals not listed, or feel I missed anything PLEASE feel free to share! Either email me, or comment me your deal, and I'll make sure it gets posted!

Are you new to coupon lingo? CLICK HERE

VONS is running 3 different promotions that are advertised in this weeks sale flyer.
#1- Buy 3 participating PEPSI 12packs AND 2 participating Tostitos/Doritos chips: $9.99
#2- LIVING WELL FEELING GREAT: Get $10 OFF (catalina) good on your next visit when you spend $30 on participating products
For a full list of participating products CLICK HERE
Otherwise look for these tags:
#3- Spend $50 in a single transaction get a FREE VONS Reusable bag.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese: $0.59ea

Rice-a-Roni/Pasta Roni: $0.89ea
-$1.00/4Q in 3/8 RP insert
FP: $0.64ea

Tropicana OJ: 2/$5.00
-$1.00/1Q in 3/15 RP insert (use 2)
FP: 2/$3.00

Seedless Red Grapes: $0.77/lb

*Skippy PB: 2/$5.00   (part of $10 catalina promo)
-$1.00/2Q (use 2)
FP: 2/$4.00  

*Motts Applesauce: 2/$5.00 (part of $10 catalina promo)

*Cheerios 18oz: $2.99 (part of $10 catalina promo)
-$1.00/2Q peely in select boxes
-$1.00/3Q in 4/5 SS insert
-$0.55/1 Q -not sure from where

*Power Bar/Pure Protein Bars: 10/$10 (part of $10 catalina promo)

*Capri-Sun: $1.99ea (part of $10 catalina promo)

*Healthy Choice Meals: $1.99ea wyb5 (part of $10 catalina promo)
-$1.00/3Q in 4/5 SS insert
-$1.00/5Q from ?

*Green Giant Steamers: 2/$5.00  (part of $10 catalina promo)
-$0.50/1Q in 4/5 SS insert
FP: 2/$4.00

*Chef Boyardee: 10/$10.00  (part of $10 catalina promo)

Lawry's Marinade: 2/$4.00
-$1.00/2Q in 4/5 RP insert
FP: 2/$3.00

Dannon Activa: 2/$5.00
-$1.00/1Q in 3/1 SS insert (4pack)
-$1.00/1Q in 3/1 SS insert (drinks)
FP: 2/$3.00 if you have 2 4pack Q's, or both kinds are part of sale.

Red Baron Pizza: 2/$6.00
-$1.00/2Q in 3/1 RP insert
FP: 2/$5.00

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn: B1/G1 FREE
-$1.00/2Q in ?
-$1.00/1Q in ?

Pillsbury Cake Mix: 10/$10.00

Trident Gum: 4/$5.00 ($1.25ea)
FP: $.75ea

Schiff  Move Free Dietary Supplement: B1/G1 FREE
-$5.00/1 Q in 4/5 SS insert
-2.00/1 Q in 2/8 SS insert

Dry Idea/Right Guard Deoderant: B1/G1 FREE
-$1.00/2Q (Dry Idea) in 3/8 SS insert
-$2.00/1Q (Gilette) in 4/5 PG insert
$1.00/1Q (Gilette) in 3/15 PG insert

ALL Laundry Soap select varieties: $4.49
-$1.00/2Q in 3/29 RP insert
-$1.50/1Q  IP

Hoffy Bacon: B1/G1 FREE

Ball Park Beef Franks: B1/G1 FREE
-$1.00/2 Q in ? (these were sent to me from VA.)

Kind of a lot this week. Though I'm holding out for next week, hoping that the rumor is true about the return of Vons Mix and Match sale.... We'll see!!