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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Albertsons Deals April 15-21

Lots of sales this week. I'm really holding out for the Kmart Super Doubles sale that starts Thursday, and hoping the rumor is true for Vons Mix and Match sale next week. But in the mean time, here are some sales I've found that you all might be interested in.

Foster Farms Whole Chicken: B1/G1 FREE *Great stock up sale!!
-use $1.00/1Q wyb Reynolds Wrap peely on FF Chicken packages
-use $1.00/1Q for Reynold's Wrap in 3/15 SS insert
FP: $1.00 off price of 1 chicken + 1 FREE!

Whole, 2%, 1% Gallon Milk: $1.99 ea
Keebler Sandies Cookies: B1/G1 FREE
-use 2 $0.55/1Q in 4/5RP insert
FP: $1.10 off 1 + 1 FREE

Bar S Hot Dogs: 4/$5.00 ($1.25ea)
-use 4 $0.50/1Q from blinky machine
FP: 4/$3.00 ($0.75ea)

Wisk Laundry Detergent: $4.99
-$2.00/1Q IP -or- $1.00/1Q in 3/15RP inserts
FP: $2.99-$3.99 depends on Q used

Vitamin Water: 10/$10.00
-use $1.00/1Q in 4/5SS insert

Wishbone Dressing: 2/$5.00
-use $1.25/2Q in 3/15RP insert
FP: 2/$3.75

McCormick Gourmet Seasonings: 30% OFF
-use $0.75/1Q in 4/5RP insert
-$1.00/1Q in 3/15RP insert
FP: ?

Sun Chips, Baked Lays, Kettle Cooked:$2.79
-$1.00/1Q from...?
FP: $1.79ea

Eggo Frozen Waffles: 2/$5.00
-use 2 $0.75/1Q in 4/5RP insert
FP: 2/$3.50

Ronzoni Pasta: 4/$5.00 ($1/25ea)
-if Smart Taste is included in this sale use $1/1Q in 4/5SS insert
FP: $0.25ea

Clorox Green Works Products: 2/$6.00
-B2/G1 FREE -w/ in ad Q.
-use 2 $1.00/1Q in ? -or- $1.00/2Q in 3/29RP insert
FP: 3/$5.00 or 3/$4.00 depending on Q's used

Kotex 18-22ct: 10/$10.00
(not sure if this is panty liners only or tampons as well)
-use $2.00/2 IP, $1.50/2 IP, or $1.50/2 IP     -or-
-use $0.75/1Q in 2/22 SS insert -exp 4/18- AND 4/5 SS insert
-use $1.00/1Q in 2/22SS insert -exp 4.18- AND 4/5 SS insert
FP: FREE-$0.25 depending on Q's used

FREE Minute Maid OJ wyb 4 participating GM products:
 Cheerios, Kix, Cocoa Puffs: 4/$10.00
-use $1.00/3Q (any GM cereal) in 4/5 inserts
-use $0.75/1Q (cocoa puffs) IP
FP: 4/$8.25 + FREE Minute Maid OJ (not best cereal deal.....)

Get $5.00 OFF (catalina) wyb $20.00 in participating transactions.
Tons of coupons for this promo! 
-$1.00/2Q in 2/8RP insert (quaker instant oatmeal-if it's part of this deal in stores)
-$1.00/1Q in 3/1RP insert(quaker true delights-also there are $1/1Q's in chewy granola boxes)
-$1.00/1Q in 3/1 RP insert (quaker chewy granola bars)
There were several different IP coupons online a while back for Quaker Life, and other Quaker cereals. Amounts varied....
-$1.00/1Q in 3/29SS insert (Scott Long Lasting/Mega Roll Paper Towels 4pck or >)
-$0.75/1Q in 3/29SS insert (Scott Xtra Soft TP 4pk or >)
-$0.50/1Q & -0.50/2Q in 3/15SS & 3/29SS (Cottonelle TP)
FP: Depends on Q's used....

Buy ANY Seventh Generation Product, GET 1 FREE Reusable Shopping Bag
-IP for $1.00/1 & $2.00/1