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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bedtime Stories Deal Even Better!

Remember this post about the $1.99 Bedtime Stories DVD after coupon and mail in rebates? (Found at Cheaper by the Dozen and Get One Free) While at Walgreens today I found a coupon in their weekly add that I missed before! It was a Walgreen's Coupon for $3.00 OFF Bedtime Stories DVD. Combine that with this printable $5.00 off coupon and then do both mail in rebates for an even better deal!! 

$3.00 Walgreens Coupon good through 4/11/09

Combine both coupons for even better savings, and possible overage with the $1.99 DVD deal posted on Cheaper By the Dozen, and Get One Free.
-Sorry I didn't post this sooner, I missed this Walgreens coupon completely!! I didn't even know about it until an hour ago!!