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Monday, April 27, 2009

Target Matchups

I love shopping at Target when I am able to match my coupons to their sales, or better yet, when I am able to combine my coupons with Target Store coupons for free, or almost free items! Oh the small things that make me smile! I am so thankful that there is someone out there who takes the time to match up the sales with coupons to bring us the best deals! I just don't have the time and energy to do ALL the stores I shop at! So if you'd like to see the current sales and coupon matchups for Target click here. Attention Target Shoppers does a great job! Keep in mind that not all Target stores will have the same exact items on sale, and prices can vary from region to region. However, I've found this site to be pretty good, and consistent with my local Target.

OH! And did you know that right now there is a $1.00 printable Target coupon good on any one 20ct box of Capri Sun? Combine that with the $1.00MFQ found in the Sunday paper last week for possible FREE or ALMOST FREE Capri Suns! (They're a favorite around here, and quite frankly I'm not sure who likes them most. The kids, or ME! Childhood nostalgia I suppose!)