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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Walgreens Deals

I realize that as I post this not many people will be able to rush out and do these two deals. However, I still wanted to post them because 1) I'm happy about them, and 2) someone just might have a Walgreens close to them, have the coupons, and be able to make it to Walgreens before the sale is over at midnight.

Walgreens has had a deal this past week that if you buy 1 Softsoap BodyWash @ $3.99 then a Register Coupon will print out at the end of the transactions for a FREE Softsoap Bodywash on your next transaction. There were $1.00/1 Q's in the 4/18SS. After tax the Softsoap Body wash was around $3.27... THEN I got a coupon for a FREE Softsoap bodywash my next transaction. (You still have to pay taxes on the soap which amounted to $.37!)
So in two transactions I bought 2 Softsoaps, and in return got a coupon for 2 FREE soaps! 
In essence I got 4 soaps for under $2.00ea! Not too shabby! This isn't the cheap stuff either!

The only other thing I saw on sale that I needed at Walgreens this week was Halls cough drops. In their weekly ad there was a coupon for Halls 25-30 ct cough drops for $1.39ea. Limit 3/coupon. In the 3/29 SS insert there was a $1.00/1 Q for Halls cough drops. So I bought 3 bags of Halls Cough Drops (30ct) using the Walgreens ad coupon. $1.39ea. Then I used 3-$1.00/1 Q's so I got 3 bags of cough drops for $.39ea!! (and with the way sickness has been traveling around this house these will come in very handy!!)
So my total at Walgreen's today was $10.16 for 4 Softsoap Bodywashes, 3 bags of cough drops.... Oh, and I also bought 2 Sunday La Times for $3.00. Not too bad for stuff we actually did need!

Again, I understand this is late in the week to be posting this, seeing as today is the last day of the sale. However, today was the first day I was able to get out of the house and do this, and I figured I would post it anyway to show people that I'm not as crazy as I seem, and that this coupon saving thing CAN ACTUALLY be done!