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Thursday, April 30, 2009

My CVS Deals!

I'm really excited about my most recent cvs deals! Here are the photos of my loot from my shopping trip a few days ago.

$84.30 worth of product
$5.14 Out of Pocket!!

Here are what my transactions looked like. There were 4 total transactions. Here's the breakdown:
Transaction #1:
Reinventing Beauty Magazine $.99
6- Airheads Extremes $.89
1- Glucerna Cereal $4.59
2-La Times Sunday $1.50
-6 $.55/1Q (airheads)
-1 $5.00/1Q (cereal)
-$6 in ECB's from last week
Total Cost: $13.91
FP: $0.03 (did you know that ECB's will take off sales tax, unlike MFQ's? That was a nice surprise!)

Transaction #2:
6- 3M Metal Hooks $2.50 (on sale, normally $6.99ea) (ECB deal, spend $15 on 3M get $5ECB!)
-6 $2.50/1Q
Total Cost: $43.10
FP: $1.16 PLUS I got $5ECB! (So it was really FREE + OVERAGE!)

Transaction #3:
2- Zooth Toothbrushes $1.99 (B1G$1ECB-same as crest deal, so only limit of 2!)
1-Schick Razor $8.99 (B1G$4ECB -limit 1)
-1 B1G1 FREE Q (toothbrush)
-1 $4/1Q (razor)
-$5ECB from Trans #2
Total Cost: $16.71
FP: $2.72 (no ECB's. I goofed on the limits-still a good price though!)

Transaction #4
1- Glucerna Cereal $4.59
1- Huggies Wipes $3.49
1- Gallon Milk $2.49
-1 $.75/1Q (Huggies)
-1 $2/1cvsQ (Huggies)
-1 $5/1Q (Cereal)
Total Cost: $10.57
FP: $1.23

I have no more ECB's but I'm satisfied with this weeks purchases! Can't wait to see next week's deals! I've heard rumor that Kellogg's cereal will be on sale for $2.67 though. Combined with the $1.00/1Q's at that's only $.67 per box! I hope it's true! =)