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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Homeschool Curriculum!

Have you ever heard of Everyday you can find something FREE on this website! They have over 104 FREE downloadable items right now! Click here to check them out! A couple times of year this site also has a HUGE SALE, where even there normal priced items are either FREE or a drastically reduced price. I LOVE this site! 

When I first started homeschooling I was convinced that I had to have the top of the line, best money can buy curriculum in order for my children to succeed. I'd be ashamed to even whisper how much was spent the first two years on curriculum!! Let's just say it was way too much! Another trap I fell into when I first began homeschooling was thinking there was on way to do it, and that some ways were better than others. A pride issue for sure! What I found out the hard way was this: 
-Homeschooling isn't necessarily easy, it's a lifestyle.
-Homeschooling DOES NOT require great amounts of patience! It requires diligence, and determination!
-Homeschooling DOES NOT have to be expensive!!
-One method IS NOT better than the other! I fell into a trap thinking that Classical/Trivium Pursuit was the best way to teach, and the best way for a child to learn. For some I'm sure that's true. For my child this certainly is not the case!! 
-Lapbooks are possibly the BEST tool money can buy!

There are SO many lessons learned daily while teaching your children at home. I could go on for days. But let's keep this to a frugal point.

Lapbooks are a fun, creative, easy, FRUGAL way to teach your children!! They are having fun creating something with their hands, and imagination, but most importantly they are learning! Even better, is that they are having fun learning, and are enjoying themselves! If you're new to lapbooking, or maybe have never even heard of it I encourage you to check out's website! Look at there FREE lapbooks first, that way you're not out any money if you don't like it, or your child doesn't like it. (Remember every method does not work with every child.) If you'd like to browse through their low cost section click here.