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Thursday, April 2, 2009

With Best of Intentions...

I had every intention of posting the Deals at Albertsons, Ralphs, and Stater Bros for the week of 4/1 - 4/8 both last night as well as today. 
However things did not go according to plan!

I received a phone call from one of my nearest and dearest friends at 8:40 p.m. last night. Her water broke, and she asked if I would accompany her to the hospital and stay with her, as her Husband was not able to be with her. 
I dropped what I was doing (working on this blog) and ran through the house like a crazy lady getting stuff together for the hospital. Thankfully my Husband was walking in the door from work, so I was able to just leave the kids with him. I picked her up and we arrived at Kaiser Hospital in Irvine around 9:40pm. I must admit I was a nervous wreck! Never before had I been in a Labor&Delivery room, NOT being the woman in labor! So this was uncharted territory for me! 
Let me tell you, my friend is AMAZING! She had about a 10 hour labor, but you never would've known! She was perfectly calm, relaxed, and resting! Granted she did have an epidural, but STILL! Totally opposite of my 4 labor stories! After a VERY LONG night however, I'm proud, and honored to have been able to witness the miraculous birth of my B.F.F's son! 

6:51 a.m.
8lbs 8oz. 20inches

A very tired, haggard, yours truly with baby Micah!